Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Challenge: Christmas Cards

No matter your penchant for celebrating the holidays, I have found that sending holiday love in the form of snail-mailed cards is one of the best ways to make people smile in the stressful and party-packed month otherwise known as December.

This Wednesday, I (the brokest Bitch of them all) am encouraging you all to embrace the season and send out a card or two.

I really don’t think that there’s any way that you can go wrong with sending Christmas cards- although I do appreciate a tragically awful/awesome photo card from an old acquaintance and her cross-eyed fiancĂ© every once in awhile- but I really think there’s something magic about sending (and receiving) mail as opposed to a cold, stupid e-card.

Lest you be the Grinch that is bumming about the rising costs of postage, here are some awesome links for DIY designs (and the warm-all-over happiness you’ll feel from sending some holiday cheer will surely offset the costs of a stamp):

-       DIY Holiday Cards at Design Sponge 
-       Use foil for a metallic and sparkly and cheap accent
-       If you’re REALLY feeling creative, take a cue from this Apartment Therapy design

And our luxury brand-name favorites can be found here:
-       Spike the Punch (via Kate Spade)
-       The First Snow (via Kate’s Paperie)

So, go ahead. Pick out something sparkly and send it to your sister who’s stuck at college, struggling with finals. Find something cheerful and write something lovely before mailing a card off to your old college roomie, who’s since located to Portland, OR. Go for the gold and drop something in the mail to your parents, who you only seem to be talking to in times of financial stressing out.

Spread that holiday magic!


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