Saturday, December 3, 2011

Weekend Wish List

Happy Saturday, Bitches!

The whole past week has been dedicated to shopping, whether in stores or online. Here are five things I’m totally wishing for, however they want to come my way…

1. DiorShow Mascara. I’d be batting my eyelashes like Jennifer Lopez and getting free bodega coffees all over the place. Guaranteed to give ladies the thickest, longest, plumpest, curviest ultra-glam lashes for day or night, this luxury beauty product remains firmly on the wish list.
2. A Pizookie. A deep-dish “pizza cookie”, hot out of the oven and topped with a scoop of melty vanilla ice cream is the next closest thing to heaven on earth. Try this recipe for a momentary bliss black-out.  
3. Then Again by Diane Keaton. The book is getting rave reviews and it’s written by one of my favorite actresses of all time- what’s not to love? I was fortunate enough to read a sneak peek of an excerpt, chronicling Diane’s early ays leading up to Annie Hall, and even just a few pages was enough to get me hooked. I can’t wait to curl up with this book over the holidays and drink gin and tonics by the fire.
4. Heart Me sweater. This sweater has been styled in every winter holiday themed magazine, and I’d love it in either red or black. Sassy and sweet and work-adorable with a white button down poking out beneath the collar. At $88 it’s not too far-fetched to expect this sweater under the Christmas Tree this year… I’ve been good, Santa, if you’re reading this! 
5. A mug of City Bakery hot chocolate with a few handmade marshmallows. I’m counting down the days until the February’s Hot Chocolate Festival, where every day serves up a new flavor for 24 hours only- the Polar Bear is my personal favorite. A shot of hot chocolate deliciousness is the perfect weekend pick-me-up after hours of shopping and walking around in the cold.

What are you wishing for this weekend, lovelies? I hope it’s a relaxing weekend that affords lots of time in cozy pajamas on the couch, taste-testing Christmas cookie recipes, and drinking coffee in bed. I’ll be moving in my new roommate for the next two days, so my weekend might be a little less relaxing- but completely awesome all the same!

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