Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weekend Wish List

It’s the weekend, and beyond wishing for more money to compensate for the exorbitant amount of cash I just left behind in Manhattan, here are five things currently making up my wish list:

(Santa, if you’re reading this, I was a REALLY good girl this year):

1. Kate Spade’s Romeo and Juliet book clutch. One of my New Years resolutions is going to include limiting the amount of things I take out for the evening- one of which should include my Blackberry- and I think an awesome, cute-meets-intelligent badass clutch like this one would provide quite an incentive. I’ve long been in love with the label’s book clutch collection, but the bright colors of this particular volume would really pop against a LBD.
2. Bright red and also bright blue tights. I always seem to take my inner Anna Karina just a step too far, as a usual night out on the town almost always results in all matter of runs and tears in my favorite colorful stockings. What I am looking for is a stocking that is indestructible, will never pill in the wash, and look just as great on me in real-life-office-life as seen in a Woman is a Woman. I know that’s a tall order, but I’ve got faith.
3. This black lace skated dress from ASOS. It would be hard to stop me from spinning in circles, hypnotized by my own floaty skirt. A party dress that is sexy enough to turn some heads yet comfortable enough to afford a few extra hors d’ouerves is something rare- I’m rushing this to the top of my wish list. If you’re one of the more bold bitches amongst us, opt for neon green or neon pink to really make a splash at the office holiday party.
4. The ultimate grilled cheese. As a lady who spends most of her days in pursuit of the meltiest, crispiest, buttery sandwich, I think I got close with last night’s dinner at Big Daddy diner on Park Ave- Vermont cheddar, American and Swiss cheeses on thick marble rye bread with a tomato. I die.
5. Fluidline eye gel in Dipdown from MAC. My dark brown silky soft liner pot is running on it’s last dregs, and I have way too many holiday parties to attend this week for this to become a reality. Unfortunately, with a price tag of $15 and an accompanying label to “use sparingly”, I fear my eyes are going to be going bare bare bare as I gear up for the next few celebrations on my social calendar.


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