Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Weekly Challenge: Holiday Spirit

Remember all of that holiday spirit that you were feeling exactly five or six days ago? That warm fuzzy feeling when all you wanted to do was bake cookies for the cute old woman next door, and cut them out in the shapes of stars and dust with gold sprinkles? How you held the door open for the guy behind you in Duane Reade, even though you didn’t have the extra seven seconds to wait before rushing to your desk? The somewhat cheerful Kinks/Vince Guaraldi Christmas playlist of holiday favorites to blast on the subway for your morning commute?

Oh yeah. Christmas is over.

No more presents to rip open, no made-for-TV 60s Claymation specials to look forward to, and (bar New Years) way fewer socially acceptable occasions to rock a serious sparkle dress. Along with all of your favorite holiday traditions vanishes the sentiment, the cheeriness, the patience, and the kindness to strangers. With so Salvation Army workers to ring their bells in our faces, how are we supposed to remember to give it a moment’s thought?

This Wednesday, I challenge each and every one of you to reclaim a little piece of that holiday spirit. Do something nice just because. Give up your seat on the subway. Keep your heart a little lighter and just sit back and wait as good karma will surely flood your 2012.

Happy Wednesday! You’ve all been challenged!

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