Friday, January 27, 2012

Five Friday Frames, Part 27

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday night which means I’m having a Watch the Throne dance-off with my roommate and washing my gold disco shorts. I’m really not mad about either of these things.

I started the week convinced that by Friday I’d have a hernia or an ulcer- whatever is caused by the largest amount of stress, red wine, and coffee.

Below are five frames captured when I wasn’t pretending to be a walking panic attack this past week.

Everything tastes better out of a baby head.

Snow Day beignets with a fellow Brooklyn Bitch.

Homemade pizza night with the lovely L (my favorite photog on a budget).

Feed me (with film).

The best damn doc Q&A I've ever seen.

Here’s to a weekend full of sparkle and (weather permitting) puddle jumping. This Brooklyn Bitch is hoping that the weather remains mild enough to go for a run down at the dog park on Olive Street, read the new W in bed with a cup of coffee, and possibly do laundry for the first time in six weeks (don’t judge. A visit to the Laundromat on Metropolitan is almost as costly as paying my rent).


Bitches Beyond: Nothing to Wear?

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