Monday, February 13, 2012

Safe Keeping for the Bitch on a Budget

Quick. Make a list of everything that you own that is really, really important that you keep in your apartment. I’m not talking about your coffee beans, your Ray Bans, or the crumbled note from your 8th grade boyfriend that says “you’re pretty”. I’m talking:
·       Birth certificate
·       Passport
·       Visa
·       Your lease
·       Pearls you got for your bat mitzvah, fancy jewelry that was gifted from your parents when you graduated, etc etc

Now imagine coming home from work late one night, or from meeting some friends at the bar down the street, and finding your door open- just a crack. Further investigation provides that not only has your door been left open, but someone has ransacked your apartment and taken some of your most valuable stuff. And now you’re in big trouble. Along with having to file a police report and probably spend the rest of the night terrified and in tears, you’ve got to replace pretty much all your most valuable forms of ID.

I, for one, can attest that the line to get your passport replaced rivals that at the DMV, and the people behind the counter are even unfriendlier. Plus, you usually have to shell out big bucks if you’re in a situation where you’ll be traveling soon and need your passport expedited.

This nightmare, unfamiliar to none of us, could be easily avoided for a nominal fee at the bank that you often frequent. Safe deposit boxes sound like they’re only for fancy ladies with lots of opera jewelry and stacks of cold, hard cash but I’m here to tell you that this is not the case. For an added fee of about $10/month* (at TD Bank), you can rest assured that all your irreplaceable items are kept safe and sound- protected from robbers, fires, or the rare drunk disaster incident. Keeping all of your stuff in one place cuts down on the panic attacks if you happen to be taking a spontaneous trip out of the country, or need to replace your driver’s license with three forms of ID after you misplace your wallet during a particularly wild night out with your girls.

*Please note, cost of safe deposit boxes depends on your bank branch and location. Standard rates vary from bank to bank, but should not exceed $15/month.

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