Monday, March 5, 2012

Buoy Your Bubbly

Is there anything more depressing than flat champagne? Whether you paid big money (I’m talking $8 and up) on a fancy bottle of bubbly, or just couldn’t bring yourself to finish the sour-sweet bottle of Andre the night before,  nothing bums me out more than a bottle of wasted bubbly.

Sometimes, the night just calls for a celebration… and ends in more interesting and important ventures post-champagne toast. Personally, this could range from a variety of alternate activities that usually include falling stone-cold asleep on the couch or making poor decisions out on a rainy fire escape (I swear to god, I have no idea how pancakes landed on the puppy below).

Champagne is something we break out for the most celebratory occasions, but sometimes (when we’re being responsible, grown-ass ladies), we can’t bring ourselves to finish that glass.

I'll drink to that.
The best way to revive the pop-fizz in your champagne?


60 cents or less at the bodega downstairs, a handful of dried grapes into your half-full bottle, and you’re back in business.

Now to address that ragin’ hangover (especially potent if your sparkling wine is of the budget variety)… a little hair of the dog never hurt nobody. Our Make-It-Yourself-Monday treat is just perfect for morning-after mimosas or a continued celebration after a little cat nap.

However, the best tried-and-true way to keep your booze from going flat? It’s simple: avoid leaving any leftovers. Drink that fancy stuff right down to the very last drop (that’s my philosophy anyways).


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