Friday, May 4, 2012

Five Friday Frames: Part 33

This past week has been a somewhat crazy one, with my birthday coming up this weekend. While I’m not sure what the actual surprise logistics of that special occasion are going to be, you can bet I’ll be engaging in cupcake-eating contests for one while wearing something that has a super swirly skirt. Whether or not there’s champagne or gin will dictate if I get to the point where I dance on tables and/or make monster faces at strangers. Let’s hope, for Williamsburg’s sake, that the latter happens. You only turn 24 once.

Below are five frames captured over the course of my peanut-butter-cupcake-heavy week.


Happy Housewarming to my new roomie, E!

Secret Kind of Like Spitting basement show = awesome.

My #dreamlife.

Nut Allergy cupcakes.
What are your weekend plans, lovelies? I hope for everyone’s sake that the weather stays gorgeous, and we all get to enjoy a couple of cocktails from Mason jars atop a Bushwick rooftop with our loved ones. That’s my birthday wish.


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